"I look at clouds that come and slip northward. I see waves that form and deform. The wind enters my eyes. Colors blend and I even forget where I am. I fantasize about possibilities. Life flows and shakes my face. I am hot and I am cold. As the waves dance on the horizon, I think about those who return and those who don’t. Always a face, always a thought. At the edge of the ocean, there must be space. A wave deforms and another forms again.
Such is life.
I live in a cargo of flesh and bones, carefully carrying a few litters of oxygen and carbon dioxyde. It dissolve in the frames of my nerve endings, in my native engine pistons, in the rear of my scented synapses castles. I live as a surveyor of the foundations of a hidden world, adjusting meter by meter through the viewfinder of my closed eyes. Water follows its swings. And as for me, I am not sure."

On the drifts of a journey around the unfeasible, useless gestures and failures to come, the work of Lorie Ballage is a dedication to tragedy as a grand ideological narrative.
Her works can be perceived as utopian errors aiming to represent the potentialities of failure - thrills which results from unfortunate events, loss of control and uncertainty. The error has an inherent aura of resistance in which resides the nuances, the mistakes, the flaws, all the things that define us as individuals.

Lorie Ballage (b.1994, France) holds a BFA from the Art Academy of Dundee, Scotland and a Master of Fine Art from the Art Academy of Bergen, Norway, where she currently resides.