Lorie Ballage
duration: 6 minutes, 8 seconds
more info: https://www.norskbilledhoggerforening.no/lorie-ballage

"As you let your thoughts slowly drift away, you start to sense a gentle light flickering within your head space. Slightly warm, and shy, just like the sun rays of an early morning. There you are, sitting by the edge of a pool, and you cannot help but visualise the tip of your toe touching ever so gently the surface of the water.

The water is clear, so clear that despite the slight smell of chlorine tickling your nostrils - this beautiful crystal blue reminds you of a once forgotten summer day.
And like a bewitching spell, it calls you in, inviting you into its own realm.
So as you sit by the hard concrete edge, your leg slowly dive deeper through the surface of the liquid. There, you discover new sensations. A sensation so different from the touch of air which you could never really fathom. But here, it just feels like a gentle caress, luring you in a little bit more, a little bit deeper. The water is warm, as warm as your body temperature and that makes it almost difficult to distinguish the boundaries of your skin. Where does your skin start, and where does it end? The more you think about it, the more you wonder, a tickling curiosity grows within your insides. Now, to the point of being barely bearable. Yes, you just want to surrender and plunge straight to the bottom of the pool. So as it calls you, you let go of the grip that still kept you attached to the edge of the pool. Swung between two worlds. Gravity and atmosphere. You surrender and cross the surface. The abrupt differences are real. It's almost like a shock. The sensory experience is of a different kind - everything is blurry and yet so clear. The muffled sound of an odd story appears distanced and yet so close. The light talks to you in a very different language.

Yet, you are not worried in the slightest. Neither about the mechanism of your breath, nor about the need to feed your lungs with any matter. Like a long forgotten home, strangely familiar, strangely comfortable, where gravity no longer holds you captive. You let yourself surrender to the comfortable sensation of roaming buoyant, floating into space. And as you let yourself sink deeper towards the bottom of the pool, you gently touch the tiles. Surprisingly finding yourself embraced by a soft touch - neither cold, neither warm - but just different. It frames you in like a comforting support, allowing you to lie back on the tiles, gazing towards the surface. And right there, a beautiful scenery expands and rises above you: Gentle ripples far onto the long distanced surface, shine their lights and their complex transcription of all these different densities - merging together, separating and finding each other again, creating a beautiful choreography.

You discover its projections onto your skin, touching you, feeling you. It's joyful and playful matter reminds you of the beauty through gentle and yet certain simplicity. And as you gaze through the surface, you cannot really tell what expands beyond. As if the water hides and contains its secrets in order to slowly make you forget your relationship with air, with gravity. Making you forget your story, your name. Beyond this world, was there ever anything else? You are no longer sure how long you have been lying here.

Time is no longer imprinted in your system. Everything dissolves. But were you ever contained ? Or were you ever containable ?”